Lauren Frazier

Co-founder/CTO @ Ramen VR

About Me

I'm an engineer by training, and after leading teams at Google and Unity, I decided to make games with my friend Andy. We started Ramen VR to work on Zenith: The Last City, a VR MMO. As an engineer, I wanted to work on hard problems, and as a MMO player/VR nerd, I wanted to create a game that I wanted to play. Working on Zenith has been a dream come true, and I've never been prouder to be a VR nerd!

Outside of work, my interests/hobbies include skateboarding, gaming, and playing with my dog, Remy.

Where to find me

Hit me up if you want to chat about: working at Ramen VR, being an Old Skater™, anime, french bulldogs, or Animorphs. (I can also discuss other topics upon request 😄)

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Here's some random other stuff that I think is cool!